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The crew comforts Quiet Ann after Arlene's death. Desna tells Jenn and Virginia that Benedict, "The Professor," wants her to kill Melba. Ann declares that Melba has to go and she will do it for Desna. Joe tells Polly he's Benedict's mole. Bryce turns up the heat at the rehab center so the rehabbers can sweat out their toxins. Clint's body is found. Roller lets Desna know. Polly tells Desna about killing the governor while Desna tells Polly about needing to kill Melba. Dean finds out from Melba that Mac died. Melba convinces Dean to play in the mah-jongg tournament in Mac's honor. Desna can't shoot Melba. Benedict is pushing Desna about killing Melba. Dean loses in the final round. Desna abducts Melba at gunpoint. Melba tells Ann that Benedict killed Arlene. Desna's crew tells her that she is more concerned about owning the casino than them. Toby wants to confess about Clint, but Uncle Daddy discourages that. Roller talks to Dean about Mac and Calvin and encourages him to get back together with Virginia. Melba tells Polly Joe is married. The crew takes their argument into Desna's office and Melba briefly escapes. Toby goes to confess. Dean walks in on the crew holding Melba. Melba admits she and Mac didn't care about Dean but they wanted his mah-jongg winnings. Uncle Daddy and Bryce race to the church. Dean convinces Desna not to kill Melba. Uncle Daddy shoots the priest to keep him quiet. Desna lets Melba go, then a chicken truck runs her down. The crew goes out for chicken afterward. Clay swears Bryce to secrecy. Ann tells Desna she's going to need some time. Toby confesses to the police and tells them Roller killed Clint. 

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Claws Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

No offense, Des, but you're less a hitwoman and more of a tit woman.

Jenn [to Desna]

Virginia: Girl, that is not the same thing.
Jenn: Still, it gave me a fright.