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Desna and her crew reopen the nail salon. Desna wants one of them at the casino at all times because she doesn't trust the Lovestones. She wants to ease into taking over the casino. Uncle Daddy and Desna reach a deal so he can use her license at the clinic. The crew meets Joe, the Lovestones' general manager. Uncle Daddy wants to hire Bryce to provide therapy at his planned rehab clinic. Two shady-looking Mormons pass bags to Mac and Melba. Desna quickly finds out how hectic it will be running two businesses. Brienne's baby daddy EJ is out of prison and wants to see her. Virginia tells Uncle Daddy it's time to let go of whatever is weighing on him. Yolanda the casino accountant says the Lovestones are depositing millions into a secret account labeled Trip. Uncle Daddy tells Roller and Bryce that their father killed their mother then Clay shot him dead. Bryce forgives him but Roller doesn't. Jenn overhears Penelope Van Summers demanding a better suite or she will call Trip. Then she tells Desna and Jenn that she requires a half-million dollars to keep quiet. Polly breaks up with Ken. Desna discovers Mac and Melba are planning to kill Penelope. Jenn meets with EJ and he threatens to sue for joint custody. Polly sees a photo of the governor signed Trip. Bryce and EJ brawl and EJ's brother captures it on film. Gov. Patel is laundering money through the casino. Desna emcees the Ms. Florida Muscles competition. Desna warns Penelope. Ann drives Penelope to her aunt's house. Uncle Daddy tells the staff to Suncoast Rejuvenation that they are now healers. Roller tries to convince Desna he's changed. Desna promotes Virginia to salon manager. Patel is taking bribes for a construction project. Joe murders Penelope. 

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Claws Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Oh, I Googled how to run a casino. It's easy.


Virginia: No one can keep us out of Palm-ghetto.
Ann: That is right. That is right. Not even the U.S. government.