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As Tandy tells the story of a farmer and a viper, Tyrone's father is sewing up a new cloak that looks like the one that belonged to Billy. Brigid continues to miss her shots.

Connors pulls a gun from a basement.

Tandy reveals that she accidentally grabbed Connors out of the Darkforce instead of Mayhem.

Melissa angers Tandy when she talks about her girls' night with a woman from the group. Tandy chastises Melissa for not leaving her father after he first hit her.

Brigid refuses to help Tyrone search for Connors; she doesn't have the ability to fight like she used to. Tyrone wishes Mayhem were still around.

While Connors digs up items from the ground, Tyrone lights a sigil for Papa Legba with gunpowder. Connors wants to help Tyrone put him behind bars.

Connors shows Tyrone all the evidence he has that could put him away: the gun he killed Billy with, and the saw he got Tyrone's prints to frame him. Connors wants redemption for the pain he caused. Connors handcuffs himself as a show of faith.

Andre tells Tandy that the kidnapped girls remember seeing a girl as an angel and a boy as a shadow. He won't help Tandy speak to any of the girls.

Brigid finds the obituary for Fuchs in Mayhem's motel room.

Tyrone brings Connors to his dad. Connors reveals that his uncle is a state senator; he could get off without being charged. His family founded the Promenade Club (aka. the Promenade Society), a club for rich power to overthrow crimes and put themselves ahead.

Tandy tells Leah about her dangerous ex-boyfriend and how they descended into their crime world. Leah agrees to go with Tandy to confront her demons.

Connors tells Tyrone and Otis how to steal the "Monopoly File." It's a folder of evidence that could land someone in jail ... or free them of crimes.

Tyrone gets mad at Tandy for using him in her plan to deceive Leah. Leah tells Tandy about how her ex used and abused her; how he traded her for sex and his drug business.

Leah reveals that her ex grows and transports the drugs for all the gangs around the city. She thinks her ex created the drugs that helped kidnapped the girls.

Tyrone uses his powers to steal the keys from Connors' uncle. He and Brigid plan to break into the Promenade Society to get the files. They ignite a bomb as a diversion to get everyone to leave.

Tandy sneaks into the grow house and beats up a few of the growers. After someone blinds her with pepper spray, she unleashes her power and knocks them out.

At the end of her story of the Farmer and the Viper, Tandy cheers to Tyrone.

Tyrone finds nothing inside the bottle at the Promenade Society. Tyrone kidnaps Connors with his powers and looks inside his nightmare. He sees Connors trying to put handcuffs on, but they keep breaking.

Brigid continues to miss her target practice.

Tyrone brings Connors to Adina.

Leah discovers Tandy outside the grow house. She shocks Tandy with a taser.

It's revealed that Tandy telling the story of the Farmer and the Viper was a fever dream of everyone holding a congratulations party for Tyrone. Tandy, in actuality, has been kidnapped by the human trafficking ambulance.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Tyrone: How did this happen?
Tandy: Way too quickly. I went in for ... the other Brigid, but Connors was there. She tried to kill him, I protected him, and I was blown back out. I grabbed for her, I swear, Ty.
Tyrone: But instead you freed the man who killed my brother? He could be anywhere now. He could be after Brigid ... my parents.
Tandy: Okay, so we find him!
Tyrone: Look, how could you let this happen?!
Tandy: I got screwed too, Ty. Okay, I went in there to get leads on the a****** responsible for what happened to those girls and I got zero.

Connors: Tyrone Johnson. I’ve been waiting for you.
Tyrone: Bet you have.
Connors: I ... I want to help you.
Tyrone: With what?
[Connors slides gun to Tyrone]
Connors: By putting me behind bars.