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Bram is part of the Red Hand now, and their organization is getting ready to do something dangerous. The collaborators will die.

He's still living in the bunker and gets to Karen's just as she's giving a speech about collaboration. He wasn't there in time to get a little cup to cheer on Liberty.

Karen says Bram has to focus on why he's there and introduces him to Patrick. Everyone's going to work in pairs, and she'd like them to partner up for the day. That includes dressing in disguises to get into the green zone.

Once inside, Bram looks like a scared child. As Patrick's watch goes off, the first shots ring out elsewhere in the green zone. Bram doesn't move quickly enough. They are there to make good on Karen's promise: collaborate and die.

Patrick is shot immediately upon entry. Bram is left standing as a figure comes close.


Will and Charlie are playing ball in the sewers. Charlie reveals Bram's secret to his dad. 

Will wants to know why Bram has been leaving the bunker. Bram says he's been careful. Will finds the drawings of Maya, wondering who she is and if she's worth risking their lives. Bram starts talking about her.

Bram lies to Will about what happened to Maya, saying a guard shot her for stealing. He still doesn't trust his parents. Bram says he wants to help fight the resistance. Will says they aren't resisting, they're trying to survive. They know why they need to survive. 

Will tells Katie what he's learned about Bram and Maya. Katie will take Bram on a food run tomorrow. It will be good for him to feel useful. Later, when they're trying to sleep, Will hears a noise.

Bram is gone.


​Maddie is watching her kid swimming in the pool. It's as if nothing ever happened. Until she hears the gunshots ring out. She grabs Hudson from the pool. She runs into the house and there's a knock at the door. It's Bram.

He says he doesn't know what's going on. He tried to go on but the occupation took over their house. He asks why she's holding a knife, acting as if he hasn't heard the gunshots outside. Maddie knows he's not acting normal.

He begs Maddie to get into the car and go. She eventually complies. He says he's not trying to draw attention to himself and is staying in the back. 

Maddie is suspicious. People are running in the streets and dying. The Red Hats have everything under control. 

Things at the gate don't go so well. Maddie is asked to step out of the car. Maddie has the chance to turn in Bram when a Red Hat asks her if she's under duress. It's either Katie or Nolan, I think, and Maddie just picked Katie. 

They get past the gate and Maddie stops the car, telling Bram to get out.


Red Hats are collecting Snyder for a visit with the Ambassador. That puts him in the green zone for the fracas.

It also makes me believe the house Bram hits will have Snyder inside. Who else would allow him to leave alive?

Nope. Wrong. Snyder was leaving. But he was only next door. The first guy wasn't receptive to canning Alcala. Oh! The bullets start flying and Snyder runs into the woods, through the first dude's house.

Hours later the Red Hats find Snyder. Helena and Snyder chat. He wants Alcala under Helena's thumb. He suggests they take a closer look at an old friend: Nolan Burgess.


Gracie is worried about Bram. Charlie thinks they should stay in the bunker. What if Bram gets caught?

Bram arrives back at the bunker shaken.

Bram want to know if he's a good person. He made a mistake. He finally tells his parents about helping to blow up the Raps ship. Will and Bram almost come to blows.

He admits he couldn't kill Ambassador King.

Ambassador King

Ambassador King says goodbye to Snyder. He picks up his phone with a straight line to Germany. He'll send his preliminary report tonight and speak more when he returns. 

The shooting begins. Bram and Patrick can be seen in the background. He uses his phone to make an emergency call. They walk him through what to do. Someone walks him through opening a safe, retrieving a shotgun and moving to a secure room. 

He loads only one. Bram shoots Ambassador King straight through the heart three times, his eyes dead. 

He takes blood from his chest and paints the door appropriately.




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Colony Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

We are under attack, but our enemy didn't come from the skies. Our enemy was already here. The Raps only needed one resource in order to maintain control, and we surrendered it to them without a fight. Make no mistake, our occupation is rooted in moral compromise. Men and women who have told themselves that the only way to survive is to join their enemy, that the treason they have committed against their own kind is justifiable. That they had no other choice. Without this resource, without their human collaborators, the Raps would be powerless. We are the architects of our own oppression, but we all have the power to disarm the enemy, to starve them of the collaborators they need. We only need to unite behind the law of our bloc. If you collaborate, you die.


Will: Hey, how you doing? I know we haven't made it easy on you since you've been back.
Charlie: It's better than Santa Monica. I'm not the one you should be worrying about.
Will: Bram?
Charlie: He's been sneaking out at night.