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Helen is removing one pin from her lapel and replacing it with another. What's going on with that? She looks out the window and to that very cool building in the snow.

She might be in France. She has been appointed to the seat of Governor General of Vorlaufige Globale Authoita.

Her first decision has been to replace the Los Angeles Proxy. The Los Angeles Bloc is facing "total rendition."

Los Angeles will become a test case for a new way forward a better way, Helen says. People want to make an example of Los Angeles, but one man says if they keep making examples of every Colony that steps out of line, they'll have nothing left.

In the end, she's spared by a vote. The status of Los Angeles will be reexamined at their next summit.

At the Bowmans, the family is reunited. Gracie and Charlie are reacquainted while Jennifer watches. She even has eyes into the family bathroom.

Will learns what happened to Bram. He's not really that concerned. Will shares with Katie what happened over there, and how they got back over the wall. Splat.

Will thought maybe the drone scanned his face and knew he worked for the occupation.

Katie wonders if he saw all of that, and Will assures her that's not the worst thing she saw in the last year.

He's a tough kid and he's young isn't the solace she wanted to hear.

Jennifer gets a knock while watching. Boss wants to see her. Dan wonders where what whatever she had is and she still holds him off.

Dan decides that means something illicit was happening in his department before he got there. He's bringing on an officer he trusts and giving Jennifer one last chance to prove herself.

Charlie wonders about Bram. He's probably the smartest person in the family at the moment.

Jennifer talks with someone at lunch, confides that someone in her department might have been breaking the rules. If she turns him in, she'd save her job and maybe even get a promotion. The other woman bristles, but says Jennifer needs to look out for herself.

When Jennifer gets back to her office, Det. Burke is there. He's charming as he tells her some BS of a secure bloc being a safe bloc and who's your source?

Jennifer reveals she never had one. He wonders why she would lie and why she would hone in on the Bowmans. His background in internal investigations says she's full of crap.

Concealing a crime is as bad as participating in a crime.

Will and Katie worry over Charlie. But he's a really smart kid. He should be worrying about them.

Will tells Katie what haunts him is that Quayle was willing to give up the whole damn cell to save his own ass and he executed him. Jennifer hears it.

He asks again about Bram, and when he hears about the tunnel, he tosses lawn furniture. There's a knock at the door.

It's Lindsey. When Gracie takes her upstairs, they find Charlie under the bed with a knife. He's skeptical of new people. Like I said, smart.

Lindsey says their benevolent hosts did the hard work of bringing him home. Um. No.

Charlie wants his hair cut like it was, even after Katie tells him she likes it because it looks like dad's.

Jennifer watches and smiles.

Burke takes Jennifer into the basement to show her something. A backstage tour, he calls it.

He takes her to the data center. He wants her source. He plans on searching her life from top to bottom to determine if she's lying.

Katie tells Will about Jennifer. She admits that after she burned Broussard, she really stopped her work and has nothing to give her.

That's when Will made his mistake about Jennifer. She goes directly to Dan, fully intending on giving him up, but her heart is strong and her moral compass direct. She loses her job instead.

Charlie sets a fire by putting a book on a stove. Lindsey goes nuts. Charlie is moving fast to get rid of Lindsey.

The fire alarm didn't go off. For some reason Will has no idea they do surveillance on families in their homes. He only now knows they've been compromised, as they are naked, under the lights of broadway.

That's a nice way to ruin the mood.

Jennifer moves fast, deleting all of Will's confessions and the Bowman family files while her access is still granted

Jennifer cries like a baby when she sees Gracie go into Charlie's room to sleep with him while he's on the floor. Burke catches her as she's leaving.

When she gets home, she sits in front of a bottle of wine, a bottle of pills and takes out an old cell phone that was buried holding her most treasured possession. Her videos of her and her fiance.


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Colony Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Charlie: Did you pick this house because of the oranges?
Will: That's one of the reasons.
Charlie: How'd you get this house?
Will: The people who lived here were on vacation when the arrival happened. We're safe here.
Charlie: No we're not.

Katie: You know about the labor camps?
Charlie: Sure.
Katie: What have you heard?
Charlie: Bram's gonna have to change.