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There is a very long line of people signing up for the Red Hats in an attempt to get extra rations. They are punished when the Resistance bombs the recruitment building and opens fire on those in line.

It's not as easy as they make it sound. Collaborators are struggling.

Dan threatens Jennifer, who he is not pleased came to Homeland from a dating website. In response, she calls upon Katie to meet her in the park.

Lindsey wants to know why Gracie can't study with Hudson. And that's how I learn exactly what The Greatest Day is.

Katie tells Jennifer about the bee drone. Should she be killed for sharing that information?

Katie goes to a group meeting where they are discussing religion and the similarities between them. Man will face a great challenge and emerge from them on the other side even stronger than before.

Katie talks to the gentleman with tears in her eyes. Everyone responded to the invasion in a different way. She believes she may have put her ideals above her family. He says admitting your sins is all part of the process. Doesn't she have a sister in the bloc? In his experience, blood always rises to the occasion.

Maddie is showing Nolan a space she thinks is more welcoming than a church. The more worship facilities thee build, the stronger their influence will grow.

Bram is walking around without boots, because some jerk stole them. His gal knows who did it.

Charlie and Devon are getting along great when Will comes back. Solomon won't be looking for anyone or hurting anyone ever again.

Devon reminds him Solomon had business partners. But how will they get out of this bloc? Charlie suggests a coyote.

Katie invites Maddie over. She wants to apologize. Katie doesn't want Maddie to talk to Nolan about Jennifer, but to promise to look after Gracie if there's a knock at her door and Katie disappears.

Devon is giving up all of her cash and her house in exchange for three tickets over the wall. It's a drone that will take them up and over a low spot near a dead zone.

Despite Jennifer finding the bee drone, Dan wants the asset's name now or something actionable on Broussard. If not, he's taking over the operation.

Bram tells the dude he took his boots that he took his...BAM. Fight and Jenkins stands there like an idiot until Snyder stuns the brawler.

Katie takes books on other religions to Gracie and asks her what she likes most about what she's learned about The Greatest Day. That people won't die after. Katie shows her another book where the same story plays out.

Gracie says Lindsey will be mad, but Katie says it's just between them.

Katie asks Gracie about spending more time in the green zone. She's trying to prepare Gracie in the even she's taken away.

Charlie asks after his family and wonders why nobody picked him up.

When Jennifer next calls, Katie says she'll give her what she wants. Jennifer thinks that means Broussard and tells Dan.

Snyder brings Bram up for dinner and discussion. He wants a mole so he can get information so he can run a clean camp and go home. Using the transit pass he got Will to go through the wall as proof he keeps his deals, Bram accepts so he, too, can go home.

Will, Charlie and Devon are heading over the wall.

A drone comes and everyone is splattered into nothing except for Will and Charlie. Either the drone knows Will or it won't kill children.

Jennifer and Katie talk. Jennifer finally understands Broussard isn't on the menu.

As Katie is getting ready to take Gracie to Maddie's, it's not the Red Hats at the door, but Will and Charlie.

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Colony Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Have you tried listening to Sister Maddie's perspective? She's been received into The Greatest Day. That is the hugest honor.


You collaborate, you die.

Resistance Man