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Helena is awakened from bed. She needs to get to the bunker now!

The factory has been destroyed. Without the grid in place, the battle will spill over onto earth. Their hosts said they had years to prepare. But now? Not long.

So the factory was building a grid to protect earth from the new invaders. Or something.

Broussard is walking the streets of an empty Hollywood as he digs through the trash of office buildings so he can put together puzzle pieces from shredders to trie to get information.

He's met up with other areas by way of radio and they have a "bus schedule" worked out. He's lucky the place had an old-fashioned shredder.

Broussard and dispatch have worked up a friendship.

Broussard finds a little boy and tries to help him, but he's accompanied by a woman who has a gun pointed on Broussard.

Will, Katie, and Bram are getting ready to meet the Resistance lady.

Snyder is schooling Charlie and Gracie on his relationship with the family. The one they're to use when questioned by the resistance, not the real one.

Broussard has been accepted and the woman wants to know how he'll get them through the wall.

Broussard intends to get them to the San Fernando block, but she wants to be free. He suggests she fake religion for a while, wear the purple to be safe. The drones will get her eventually.

The Bowmans meet with a representative of the resistance and she puts them onto a train. They have no idea where they're going.

The girl and Broussard talk about getting out after the rendition. Now I understand the bus route getup. It's there version of the underground highway.

Snyder tries to get the Bowmans to leave the package on the train and to ditch the train and meeting up with the resistance. He's still torn about double crossing them. He won't tell them what lies ahead, but he won't back down, either.

Broussard is getting the duo across the wall. This, I imagine, is more like the Nazis leaving Germany than it is anything within the United States, just as we saw the Rendition being more like the concentration camps.

Two men and a woman meet the train when it stops. They've been waiting for the gauntlet for a long time.

The guy seems nice and welcoming, even reaching out to the kids. He says they've carried the thing long enough. They have the click (which is what they call raps). He suggests they go to camp.

Dispatch finds Broussard. It's flippin' Peyton List. The trip was ruined and she came thanks to the little boy.

The rendition happened so they can repopulate and build a bio weapon. I honestly don't understand, but it's already happening in Seattle. The Resistance outside the Colonies are communicating via a number system and they already have news of it. What Broussard has uncovered has to make it to the right people. Dispatch wants him to help her get it there.

It seems pretty obvious the camp where the Bowmans and Snyder are heading is where Dispatch and Route 8 are intending to go. That means at any minute Snyder could alert the gang.

Oh. And he does. Snyder presses the panic button and hides it in the woods when the group wants to check them for electronics. Or maybe he didn't press it. He just hid it. I hope.

We don't see if Snyder picked it back up off the ground or not.

The camp is a bustling place, almost more interesting than the blocks where they lived.

It appears the Resistance is being run by the Rap who is lost.

Broussard and Dispatch are on their way. He lights a flare inside a tunnel to see something and they look behind and forward and I guess that's goodbye to LA.

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Colony Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Girl: How many have you gotten out?
Broussard: Not enough to balance the ledger.

Grace: If I'm supposed to stick close to the truth, why can't I say you and my dad worked together?
Snyder: Because some people didn't like what me and your dad did in Los Angeles. It's not always fair, but that's the way some people think.
Grace: What did you do?
Snyder: We kept you alive.