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Shirley and Britta see Jeff taking a hobo shower outside of his car and realize the poor guy has made his Lexus his home.  Apparently Jeff's been struggling without lawyer money and is losing his condo due to some unpaid association dues. The girls tell the whole gang and everyone seems more than willing to let Jeff move in with them, and he eventually takes Abed up on the offer.  

After living the dorm lifestyle with Abed, watching television and eating lucky charms, Jeff is quickly becoming a slob that cares about nothing.  Although Abed loves having a friend around, he sees it's destroying Jeff and enlists Britta to help him.  Britta breaks into Jeff's old place and steals his old faucets he's obsessed with and convinces him to clean up, get a new apartment, and stick those in as a reminder.

Meanwhile, Annie helps Troy plan a date for a girl from class he's interested in.  The whole time she tries to muster up the energy to tell him her feelings but when she can't she tries to sabotage the date last second by faking an injury sending her to the school nurse (Patton Oswalt).  When he quarantines her and let's Troy go on with his date, she breaks out in her robe and steals back the blanket she gave Troy for his picnic.  Crazy pants.  Or no pants.

Good old Vaughn also makes a return and Pierce volunteers to go talk to him on Britta's behalf to make things go.  Pierce ends up joining Vaughn's band and even helps him co-write an entire song against Britta.  He then talks to Vaughn about laying off Britta and gets kicked, only for Vaughn to redo the song replacing Britta's name for Pierce.  Pretty funny.

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Community Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Britta: Are you okay? It looks like you have actual bedhead this morning.
Jeff: In fashion, I'm what's known as a taste-maker.
Britta: And you missed an entire side of your face shaving.
Jeff: And next month, so will Gwen Stefani

Let's say two people are in a class together and one wants to ask another one out on a grownup date.. but within biking distance of his parents house