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Jeff discovers a new bs accounting class where there's no books and all you have to do is "seize the day" to get an A.  Jeff convinces the study group to entroll, except Abed, whose dad won't pay for anything unrelated to the family falafel shop.  When Britta hears of this, she decides to sponsor Abed to enroll in his passion - a film class.  

Abed then spends the rest of the episode filming a documentary where Jeff plays his father and Britta plays his mother.  He edits the film together so that it shows how his mom and dad fought over how weird he was until his mom left.  He clearly feels that his mother left because of him... or at least that's how he feels his father feels.  After showing his father the video, it brings him to tears, and his father wants Abed to persue film because for a man that's so hard to understand, he can speak through film.

In less sappy news, Jeff was desperately trying to prove to his new teacher that he was trying to seize the day in order to get an A but he wasn't buying into Jeff's bullshit like everyone else.  However, since Jeff helped Britta in her sponsorship of Abed by getting involved and talking to his dad, etc, Britta decided to repay him and kissing Jeff in front of his teacher.  Once he saw the kiss he knew it was a life changing experience and gave him an A+.  How right he was.

The c-line plot was Troy sneezing like a girl.  He worked with Pierce as his sneezing couch until he came up with the silliness, yet manlier than his girlie sneeze.

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Community Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Abed: Jeff, I have to make some adjustments to my film, you'll play my father
Jeff: I don't want to be your father
Abed: Perfect, you already know the lines

Jeff: Hey troy sneezes like a girl
Troy: How about I pound you like a boy... that didn't come out right