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On this week's episode, Pierce was faced with the fact that he isn't funny.

The elderly student joined Shirley, Professor Chang, Abed and Troy for viewing of bad movies in Abed's room. The idea was to make fun of them with snarky comments, but Pierce failed miserably. Therefore, prior to the second attempt, he sat with the Greendale improv group and was given some lines to use. It was great stuff.

However, upon watching the second film, his delivery made it clear Pierce had rehearsed. He tried to live the dorm in a huff, but tripped and fell. This got him the biggest laugh of all, which made him feel triumphant.

The main storyline of the episode focused on Annie. She actually had feelings for Vaughn, and started to date him after Britta gave her reluctant permission. But Jeff and Britta tried to manipulate this relationship because they find Vaughn creepy (and, as we later learned, because Britta didn't like the idea of Annie and her ex). How did Jeff and Britta go about this?

By hyping Annie up to Troy and telling him she was in love with him. This led to a great scene where Troy tried to come on to Annie in a suave manner, which led Vaughn to dump her. But after Troy admitted that Jeff and Britta had talked to him, Annie told them off.

Fortunately, the episode ended well for her. Vaughn sang her a song and Jeff and Britta witnessed his real feelings for her. They watched and Annie gave him a long hug, and then walked away with him to look at a cloud that resembled a pumpkin.

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Community Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

What are you, my third wife's therapist?


Vaughn doesn't ever wear shoes or a shirt. How has he not died from a lack of service?