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Annie told the class she got a new boyfriend over the break, turned out to be Rich, the pottery class ringer.  Annie wanted to involve him in the study group, but Jeff resisted, so Annie suggested a mixer for each to invite prospective study group candidates to audition and then vote on who should be allowed into the group.

Shirley revealed to the group she was back together with her ex-husband, Andre. Britta was bitter that Shirley could give him a second chance after having cheated on her.

Andre came to the school to spend the day with Shirley, where Shirley confirmed her 6-week old pregnancy.  Pierce and Troy did the math and realized she conceived on Halloween.

Troy spilled the beans to Pierce that Chang and Shirley had a one night fling on Halloween.  After Shirley voted against Pierce in the new member vote, he blurted out the secret.  Shirley didn't remember it, but Chang had pictures on his phone.  

Jeff talked to Andre, who confessed he was angry with himself for having left Shirley before, otherwise none of this ever would have happened.  He said he would raise the child with her no matter who the father was, and that he has really changed all because of the love he has for Shirley.

Jeff ran off into the rain presumably to go after Annie, but ended up at Rich's apartment to ask for his help to learn how to be a good person so he could abuse the power that comes with it.

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Community Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Troy: Is it black Michael Chiklis?
Annie: No!
Pierce: Is it white George Foreman
Britta: You guys are talking about the same person. He's biracial, his name is David and he's a human being.

I checked all Pierce's wardrobes for portals to magical worlds. All I found was something called Emmanuelle in Space on laser disc. I couldn't watch it but it sounded sexy. Laser. Disc.