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For Abed's birthday, Jeff arranged a surprise Pulp Fiction party for his friends. But while the rest of the group hung out in a diner, dressed just like various characters, Jeff was in for a shock at dinner with his pal:

Abed was dressed like Mr. Rogers and talking seriously. He told some story about being on the set of Cougar Town and how it made him a changed man because he created a character for himself that lived a more fulfilling life than Abed ever had. Abed wanted to be like that character.

Jeff heard this and ended up opening up about his own life, only to then be shocked again: Abed was simply doing an homage to the film My Dinner with Andre. Jeff was peeved, until he was told that Abed only created that ruse because he missed hanging out with Jeff and wanted the two to bond like they did the year before.

In the end, the group hung out together and re-enacted some Pulp Fiction scenes inside a restaurant. It was sort of sweet, but definitely not funny.

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Community Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

I like your sweater. Did it come with a golden retriever?


Abed: What could I do? It was Cougar Town.
Jeff: If you want me to take it seriously, stop saying its name.