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We were treated to a pair of storylines this week.

First, following a baby shower for Shirley, Jeff was tasked with having Chang sign a document that forfeited his parental rights. Instead, though, Jeff used the opportunity to push Chang toward a job and, of course, another place to live.

This led to him kidnapping a pair of children he thought were Shirley's in order to prove he could be a good father... which then landed him in jail. Shirley and Jeff were prepared to press charges, but Andre talked them out of it. He seems mature and together and prepared to handle whatever comes he and his new/ex-wife's way.

Elsewhere, Britta was initially attracted to Luka, a new friend of Troy and Abed's. But she then discovered he was involved in a lot of killing back home in the Balkans, a fact she couldn't relay to her pals because they were sick of her ruining their friendships with new guys by dating them and then talking about their shortcomings.

Eventually, though, after a botched attempt to steal Kick Puncher 3 and blame it on Luka, Britta told Troy and Abed the truth and they agreed: she would do so again if they ever befriended someone who was really into genocide.

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Community Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

You mean Jeff 'Nipple Play' Winger? No! As you can see, we're still hanging out with him. Hi, how's it going, Jeff?


Troy: We like him a lot, so you're not allowed to bone him.
Jeff: You realize she's definitely gonna bone him now, right?