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There were two main storylines this week:

1. Pierce starts to hang out with an older group of students because he feels more welcome there. This leads to some fun, elderly hijinks, as the Dean and others fear a clique that simply doesn't care how it is perceived. Eventually, though, one of the old guys gets into a car accidents after stealing a car and Jeff must bail Pierce out of of jail. But at least this helps the former realize that he actually cares about the latter.

2. Shirley recruits Abed to film a religious themed video for YouTube. But Abed gets carried away and makes a movie that's pretty much all about the filmmaker: himself. He dresses like Jesus and gets the entire campus to admire the work he is doing, which is described in a way that mocks Charlie Kaufman: a film within a film within a film...

But Abed soon realizes what a mess he's created and prays for God to help the movie goes away. Shirley overhears and does her friends a favor: she takes a baseball bat to his set. In return, Abed finishes the video Shirley had wanted all along, which is basically Troy rapping about heaven.

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Community Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

He was like E.T., Edward Scissorhands, and Marty McFly combined.


Shirley: The Bible has been called the greatest story ever told.
Abed: Ben Lyons said the same thing about I Am Legend.