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-Abed shoots a documentary covering Greendale's struggle to land a prestigious medical grant for the study of "changnesia."

-However, the documentary soon also covers Jeff's attempt to discredit "changnesia," and prove that "Kevin" is just a lie concocted by Chang.

-Jeff's attempts to unmask "Kevin" fail, and Jeff soon falls in line with the rest of the college in accepting "Kevin."

-Chang makes a phone call revealing that the whole "Kevin" act was indeed a put-on.

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Community Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Thank you, Pierce Hawthorne, for your special blend of playful racial humor and genuine thoughts on Geraldine Ferraro.

Dean Pelton

I first met Chang when I hired him as a Spanish teacher at Greendale. Then he became a disgraced student, a psychopathic music major, a homeless vent dweller, a security guard, keytarist, power-hungry war lord, and, now, Kevin. It's sad to see him like this. Well, it's mixed. He was pretty terrible before.

Dean Pelton