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Six months ago, John and Sam were arguing because she felt like she was grieving their daughter all by herself while he was immersing himself in work. That’s when she got close to Kyle in group grief counseling and they began having an affair. 

In the present, John convinces Gretchen to help him find another way to get Antoine medical care while keeping him safe. 

John and the ER team work on a young women who jumped out a window running from the police at a college party and fell into razor wire which wrapped around her legs. John finds out the girl was taking both cocaine and heroin which complicates her treatment. The girl’s friend, Mandy may have a heart condition from drug use but she runs off before John can get her help. Later, much to John’s relief, Mandy turns back up at the ER when her chest begins to hurt. 

Kyle visits Sam at her office. He wants to be friends again and they decide to meet for drinks after work. Sam realizes that this is a bad idea and later tells Kyle she can’t do this with him. Kyle tells her he loves her but Sam gets in her car and drives away. 

Gretchen arrives home to find her place has been broken in to. It’s her half-sister, Ingrid who broke in because Gretchen didn’t pay the bill on her rehab. Gretchen arranges to move Antoine to a plastic surgery center but the doctor will only do it for $25,000. Gretchen tells John they need $35,000 so that she can pay for her sister’s rehab. 

John goes to the gang to ask for the money but Darius tells him he has to help collect it. They get the money but Darius almost beats one of his dealers to death when John stops him. 

Antoine is moved to the new surgical center and John spins a story that satisfies Bridget and gets her to stop investigating the mystery patient. 

John and Sam reconnect. He admits he’s been avoiding his pain and maybe that’s the wrong thing to do. The two make love.

Two gang members, CJ and Maurice, are shot and killed while ordering at a drive-thru as the gang violence continues. 


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Complications Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Have you seen the waiting room? If her heart's still beating she don't crack my top ten.


You leave this car and I'll run you over with it.