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Fifteen minutes before Gretchen made that phone call, she and Jed went to Hillary’s to get her stuff and her boyfriend is there. Gretchen brings Jed because he’s a big guy and might intimidate him into letting them in but the boyfriend pulls a gun. Gretchen goes to leave but Jed won’t back down. He breaks the boyfriend’s finger but it subdues him. 

John gets there and sees the carnage. He saves Seth’s life but now Gretchen has to convince him not to call the police. To make things worse, Jed has to run to work when someone calls saying there’s a problem with the hospital records. 

John heads to the diner to meet with the gang members who escort him to the prison to meet with EZ. EZ tells him the story of the dog he adored and later shot because his son was allergic. John is responsible for Antoine until EZ says otherwise. 

John heads back to Seth’s to find Gretchen tied him up when she ran to find Wes to tell him not to submit the fraudulent bills to medicare. John releases Seth whose circulation to his hand has been compromised and he may lose his finer if he’s not taken to the hospital. 

As John and Gretchen argue, Seth runs and takes off in his car. He crashes down the road. He’s alive but hurt. He threatens to tell the police everything. John shows him the photo of the murdered gang member on his phone. Tells Seth if he doesn’t tell the police that he sustained his injuries from the car crash, they’ll all end up like that. 

Samantha calls Kyle to thank him for getting the police guard at the door. He says he wishes he could be there to take care of her. 

When the contractors can’t come to fix the broken door, Samantha calls John’s father, Gary. Later Gary apologizes to John for not getting clean sooner and for making a scene at Becky’s funeral. John says that that incident may have been the worst but it wasn’t unique. Gary realizes that something is off with John. 

Dr. Bridget O’Neill is on the rampage when Henry’s sister comes in saying she got both a death notice and a bill for his surgical transfer to Ainsley. She’s determined to find out what happened. 

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Complications Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

He wasn’t supposed to fall through the coffee table. Things just got out of hand.


Seth: That bag is mine.
Gretchen: Not anymore. Consider it an asshole tax.