Complications Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Relapse

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Dr. John Ellison is a lucky man. He’s lucky to still be alive. He’s lucky he hasn’t been arrested, and he’s lucky to have two strong, smart women who have his back. Complications Season 1 Episode 8 highlighted them both. 

First there was Gretchen and, of course, no one can doubt what a bad ass Gretchen is at this point. The woman does not back down, but it’s her ability to think on her feet and get things done that is truly impressive.

John is Tested - Complications

Take Jed falling over, half dead from an overdose while staying at her place. Gretchen didn’t miss a beat as she got him to the hospital, albeit the parking lot, for some off the books help, and as she told John in this Complications quote, it wasn’t easy…

Do you have any idea how much he weighs? I had to pay some kids on the street to stuff him in the car.


That’s Gretchen, she’s never met an obstacle she couldn’t tackle head on. John couldn’t be more lucky than to have her on his side, especially when he makes stupid, reckless decisions like heading into the heart of gang territory in his Mercedes while wearing his white doctor’s coat. He couldn’t have called more attention to himself if he’d tried. 

Heck, John’s even lucky that no one else broke into his car and stole his medical bag before Gretchen got there. I know better than to leave my purse on the seat in plain sight in a good neighborhood. Does John normally leave his doctor's bag sitting on the seat when he parks his car?  As smart as John is, there are moments I want to shake him and ask, “How stupid are you?”

But the truth is that he probably is suffering from PTSD or something close to it, and he’s not always thinking clearly. He’s acting out, and as his therapist pointed out, in those moments it actually feels good, but I’m guessing it’s much like any addiction; the more he uses it for the high, the less of a high he’ll get and the more he’ll need to get there. That kind of behavior is going to get him killed. 

With every step John tells himself that he’s helping, and that he’s saving people. The confusing part for him is that he literally is saving lives, but at what cost to himself and to his family?

Samantha may be his saving grace.

Sam took matters into her own hands when she met with Detective Holden, and I was fearful he’d be able to turn her. It’s hard to keep the faith when you know your spouse is keeping things from you or out and out lying but Sam held firm. She didn’t let Holden push her around and was quick to point out his hypocrisy. If her family so desperately needs his protection, why did he pull their protective detail? Either things aren’t that bad, or he’s willing to risk her family’s safety to get what he wants. 

I was so proud of Sam when she went straight to the hospital and didn’t leave until she could look John in the eye, tell him what she knew and demand the truth. I’m just praying that in Complications Season 1 Episode 9 he actually tells her. 

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Relapse Review

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Complications Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Do you have any idea how much he weighs? I had to pay some kids on the street to stuff him in the car.


You're not exactly the poster boy for responsible behavior at the moment.