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Kellog and Alec's business deal goes badly while the Liber8 takes hostages. 

Travis had a daughter in the future who he had to keep a secret because of his terrorist ties. 

Marcus approaches Kiera in the street to ask if they can work more closely together.

Kiera wonders what's behind the closed door in Catherine's Freelancer lair, but all she says is she is happy Kiera is there and walks behind the door.

Carlos disagrees with the way Dillon is handling Betty's connection to Liber8.

Dillon's daughter Christine is brought in for questioning and then he's questioned by someone who doesn't like that Christine is pro-Liber8.

Kellog goes in for a visit with CAlec and it goes rather poorly. CAlec reneges on their deal and offers him a settlement for his work at SadTech. Kellog says some disparaging things and walks out.

Diana Bolton has Dillon and Nigel Barrow on Firing Point. Nigel talks about Christine and holding her accountable. As they're on the air, Travis, his minions and Lucas walk in guns drawn. They take hostages.

A weapons maker owns the station that Liber8 took over. It was a private acquisition, but Lucas might have found out about it. This ties into the safety deposit boxes that were broken in earlier.

When the owner of Pharmatas shows up at the scene, he says they have a strict policy against arguing with terrorists -- until he learns they found out about it by accessing the boxes.

Dillon grabs one of the hostages trying to be a hero. Travis shoots the hostage and disarms Dillon. 

Hilariously, a makeup girl approaches Travis prior to his on air appearance.

CAlec discovers that Kiera knew about Alec and he helps her with the hostage situation and then cuts his ties with her.

Kellog asks Ale if he even had a plan to come back in time. He tells him the do over ruined his life. 

Carlos finds out the codes were fake and it's only minutes before Travis finds out too. Once Carlos does find out, he lines the hostages up and says he'll start killing until he has the complete sequence. Carlos goes over Dillon's kidnapped head and tells Betty to send Travis the codes.

Garza and pals crash through a gate and have 90 seconds to ... flip to Carlos and it appears what Liber8 has infiltrated is a sound frequency that people cannot withstand. Kiera gets to the speakers and disables them, but Travis gets away.

Garza pulled a drive from Pharmatas that includes information that will bring many big corporations down, including Piron.

Even though Pharmatas knows Liber8 got intel on them, the owner still won't tell Carlos and Kiera what they got.

Bolton makes Dillon a hero on her show.

Kiera tells Carlos she followed his orders to create the diversion, and he says maybe there's hope for her yet.

Dillon is using his daughter to infiltrate Liber8. He asks her not go go all Patty Hearst on him and she promises not to.

Another flash forward to Travis saying goodbye to his daughter and the CPS calling her a patriot.

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Alec: Oh come one. You'll find another tech savvy kid to profit by. We both know that I'm not unique.
Kellog: Are you kidding me? You're the damn architect of the future.

Travis: You're not that guy inspector. You're not getting the gun, you're not saving the day.
Dillon: You're pretty confident of that, aren't you?
Travis: I am.