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Kiera questions the behavior of the police when a college student gets caught up in a cover up. 

Julian is released from jail and Carlos greets him.

Carlos doesn't think anything of a college Liber8 Freedom of Speech rally, but Kiera immediately thinks the worst. He doesn't want to hear about her doom and gloom future.

Emily goes to see CAlec who is currently presiding over Piron. Things don't go well. She tells him he doesn't know what it's like to have to go to lengths to protect people.

While checking out the college campus, Kiera runs into someone she recognizes and goes a little too far.

The chairman of the board dismisses CAlec from the board meeting, telling him he's needed in R&D.

When a smoke bomb goes off at a college rally, the campus police start shooting. One of the victims is the girl Kiera accosted earlier.

Kellog offers CAlec some advice.

Carlos is having a hard time reconciling Kiera's steadfast belief in a slogan from 2077 and what's in her heart.

A TV show host approaches Julian at the college memorial and Julian wants to go on camera to point a finger at Carlos as a murderer.

Carlos goes into the basement, where he's hiding dead Kiera. He talks to her.

The college rep talks to Kiera and gives her information showing that the policeman planted evidence to frame a student for the shooting.

Carlos discovers Betty is the department mole.

Betty is released with an ankle bracelet as bait for Liber8.

Kiera starts to realize they all cannot protect the system, but must work toward certain truths.

CAlec discusses Piron's current projects with the board and together with Dillon they decide to fast track more than half of the military projects to the civilian population to better equip the police.

When there is a problem with funding because of video evidence of an experiment Alec did, CAlec learns Alec is there and confronts him.

CAlec doesn't believe Alec that he came back in time for Emily. They decide they're not going to be pals.


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Continuum Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Carlos: You're part of an argument I'm having with myself.
Julian: About what?
Carlos: About the weather. Whether or not people can change.

Kiera: The system protects the people, right?
Carlos: It's supposed to.
Kiera: Then in order to protect the people, we must protect the system.