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Alex recovers a recording of the minutes leading up to Kiera's murder. Meanwhile Kiera crashes her transport in 2076 and must work with an enemy to survive. 

Kiera sees someone from her future held in the glass cages of the Freelancers while Curtis tells her she is a horrible Protector, even given a second chance.

Kiera tells Jaworski that she's not in it for the money and she's happy to have one more nihilist off the streets. He's surprised at how little she knows about them.

Kiera and Jaworski are captured by two men toting guns.

Kiera thinks she's stumbled upon an illegal grow op, but Jaworski says they're gleaners. To protect themselves, they put a device on her head that goes into her cerebellum. 

The people claim to live an honest life and there's nobility in it. 

Someone from Corporate Responsibility visits Kiera's husband to, it seems, notify him about her death. They don't bother to do that, but instead launch into the amount of life debt that will be waived, the settlement and SadTech giving him a settlement to absolve them from responsibility. Jaworski was right -- since her CMR is off grid, they consider her dead.

The genetically modified seeds created crops that didn't produce new seeds, so they had to buy more every year. The gleaners are now tolerated because they don't stockpile weapons or do anything that is considered dangerous.

The gleaners are holding Edouard in their compound as he recuperates from apparent gunshot wounds -- Sonya is their doctor and Liber8 is a very small faction.

Edouard talks to Sonya about the system. One group chooses to work within the system, the other to barter outside of it. Is there a third choice, for someone like Sonya?

Old Alec in 2076 discovers Edouard is alive and gives the OK for maximum response against him and the gleaners.

Kiera discovers she's been deemed inactive.

Jaworski offers a counter to the 50,000 on his head with one million. Kiera reminds them if they make a choice to work with him they break their deal with the government to live happily.

Edouard tells Kiera that Sonya helped him to see Kiera differently. He hopes for her to see the future differently some day, through different eyes, to make choices that are her own, as that's the only way to make choices of a person's true measure.

Jaden and Mariah agree to let Sonya take her head gear off. While they try to make a deal to turn in Edouard, the number one most wanted man, Sonya agrees to help him escape.

Pangea helps Kiera to find Jaden and Jaworski and Kiera learns Pangea is pregnant. The come across Jaden, dead. They carry on to the river and Jaworski grabs Pangea. A flyer is on the way, Kiera's CMR is working again and she takes control.

Elder Sadler meets with Greg to tell him he's sorry how he was informed about Kiera. Greg tells Sadler that he values his job but he loves his wife. He reminds Sadler that Kiera is a life, not a rate down. 

As Greg listens to the meaning behind Kiera's sacrifice, the Corporate Congress lays waste to the gleaners. Sonya was off with Edouard. He tells Sonya she will take the super soldier job and from the inside she will heal. She will heal us all.

Kiera is talking with Katherine. Katherine tells her that Edouard had the compound wiped out. Kiera doesn't know why, but she knows that each of us is judged by what they leave behind. Jaworksi and Curtis both said Kiera was asleep. Kiera is recognizing something in what they said to her. Katherine says it's zealotry. Kiera says it's commitment. 

Curtis pretends to kill himself to escape the cage. 

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Jaworski: Would you mind pulling this hunk of fascist gun ship out of my leg?
Kiera: How's that?
Jaworski: I might have nerve damage.
Kiera: I'm sure I'll get over it.

Loose lips feed CPS chips.