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Corcoran looks into a case filled with racial tension this week.

Elizabeth and Corcoran flirt at a dinner at her home.

Dr. Freeman asks Sarah to have a child.

Molly finds Corcoran's wife's locket at a pawn shop.

Elizabeth asks Corcoran to treat the Reverend fairly.

Robert asks Francis to buy the stable on his behalf.

Robert provides an alibi for Reverend Garland.

Annie makes a pass at Corcoran.


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Copper Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Oh I hate all right, but not in general. My hate is as specific as my affections. And you, Matthew, need only look at the woman in your bed to know the Irish hold no patent on a burning heart.


Corcoran: I'm no critic.
Elizabeth: You're no gentleman, either. When you arrived earlier, you didn't take my hand, and kiss it.