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Corcoran learns more about his daughter's mysterious death and the disappearance of his wife on this episode of Copper.

Uncle Marcus visits Matthew and Sarah.

Molly gives Ellen's locket back to Corcoran.

Morehouse had a fight in which his leg was his weapon.

Marcus wants to make Jasper into a fighter, but needs the financial backing of Morehouse.

Francis and Molly are getting married.

Francis pays off the pawn shop owner to tell Kevin a nice story about Ellen's locket and how it got there.

Eva slits Molly's throat for being with Corcoran.


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Copper Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Mary had a little lamb she kept it on a barge. When she took it's bloomers off it's woolly dick got large.


Remember, you're my favorite scarlet and I wouldn't want anything to come between us.