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Inside the morgue of Atlanta Midtown Hospital, Dr. Cannerts begins his autopsy of Patient Zero. Lommers manages the emergency personnel who are trying not to panic. She plans to control the narrative to the press. The rest of Patient Zero’s family show signs of sickness. Those who become infected have 48 hours or less to live.

Lex meets a member of the press, Leo Green, while he’s trying to contain the crowds around the cordon sanitaire. Jana learns that she’s trapped inside her office building for the duration of the quarantine. He calls Jake to ask for his help in keeping Jana safe. Jake doesn’t answer his call.

Jake watches Katie as she calms her son when he can’t sleep. Teresa Facetimes with Xander outside the cordon. She’s worried about having their baby during the outbreak.

Jana suits up to spend the night inside the clean room when she is surprised by two of her co-workers who are also trapped inside the cordon. Lex instructs his officers to pay attention to their interactions with the people of the city so that they can maintain their trust. Inside the cordon, another victim emerges.

Katie turns the quarantine into a teaching lesson for her students. Lommers questions Lex about both his girlfriend and best friend being trapped inside the cordon. He promises he won’t break protocol in order to save his loved ones and learns that, so far, Jake is healthy. Jake, however, continues dodging his calls.

Jake gets an invite from Cannerts to help inside the hospital. Jana and her coworkers realize they’re low on rations. Another coworker shows up causing their supplies to dwindle further. As Jake looks through Patient Zero’s belongings, he finds a picture of someone they missed. Outside the cordon, Lex and his team set about trying to find her. 

Lee catches up with Lex for information on the sick and missing girl. He knows the police are hiding something. Lex gets notice that they’ve found the girl and learn from her parents that she never came home. She’s still inside the cordon. Lex sends the men he has on the inside to bring her her.

Katie learns from Dr. Cannerts that there’s no set time limit for their quarantine to end. She questions why the doctors inside the hospital died before Patient Zero if he was the one who brought the sickness into the city. At Bitscan, Jana and her coworkers watch Leo Green’s live feed as Jake enters an apartment building looking for the missing girl. He’s in the same apartment where Teresa’s friends invited her to party. He finds her laying in a bedroom floor, sick and dying.

Burt calls his wife Micheline who is outside the cordon, alone. She’s sick and he’s her caretaker, but he can’t get to her because of the quarantine. Teresa enters the house and scares Micheline and together they learn that her friends were in the house with Lizzy. Remembering a kiss on the cheek, Teresa washes down everything she touched with bleach and leaves. 

Jake grows frustrated by the spread of this disease and the fact that he’s trapped inside. When he throws a tantrum, Katie stops him. Cannerts reports on the expanse of the illness as the rest of the teens from the party are brought in for isolation. Lex learns that the cordon won’t be broken until the virus dies out. Cannerts gives the news to Jake and Katie.

Lex talks to Jana and tells her there are things he can’t tell her about the cordon. He and his team dress in riot gear and head out into the streets. Teresa confesses to Xander that her friend kissed her and she’s worried about getting sick. He tells her he’s coming inside the cordon, one way or another.

Jana and her coworker watch as the quarantine wall is reinforced. Xander watches the same from the outside. 

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Containment Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

In my experience where there’s a mouthpiece, there’s a secret.

Leo [to Lex]

You’re determined to get me killed in here, aren’t you?

Jake [to Lex]