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Dr. Lommers meets with members of the press to assure them that the cordon sanitaire is strong and safe and that it’s working. Leo Green’s articles, however, aren’t helping the narrative she’s trying to promote. Lex speaks with them to encourage everyone to cooperate and remain calm.

As more and more patients enter the hospital, Dr. Cannerts divides them into sick and well. The numbers of infected are growing and space to keep their sick patients is running out. Canners asks for Jake’s help disposing of the bodies of those who’ve already died.

Lex consoles Jana when she calls him mad about not knowing about the increased cordon ahead of time. He encourages her to stay safe and inside Bitscan. Lommers refuses to let more police enter the quarantine zone and instead sends Lex to shut down Leo Green.

Most of Katie’s students are able to return to their families. Jake enters, clearly upset about the task he was recently given and longing for his normal life. 

Lex visits Leo to try and convince him not to post inflammatory videos any longer. Leo doesn’t trust that the government isn’t hiding something from the public. Lommers says the outbreak is contained but Leo’s contacts on the inside say otherwise. Leo doubles down on his videos and shows bodies of those who are dying inside.

Jake continues going through the personal effects of those who have died, collecting their things to return to loved ones. Lex calls to ask him to run point and lead the 11 cops inside the cordon. 

Inside Bitscan, Jana and her friends are in need of food. Teresa watches people come and go inside her mother’s store but remains away from them for fear that she might be sick. Xander tells her to do what she has to do to keep herself and the baby safe.

Katie takes the children in her charge onto the roof for fresh air. One of them goes down a stairwell in search of a bathroom and encounters a sick man who grabs the little boy’s hand. He’s put into isolation.

When two of Jana’s co-workers return from a grocery run, one of them exhibits symptoms of the flu. After watching one of Leo Green’s videos, she decides to put them in quarantine for 48 hours. They don’t take it well.

Teresa watches as a band of angry customers enters her mother’s store to steal groceries. When Teresa tries to call 911, she finds that the circuits are all busy and no one can come to help. Jake enters the store on a sweep and runs the robbers out. 

Lex continues pondering how to get more cops inside the cordon when Jana gives him an idea.  Lommers shuts his plan down.

Katie visits her student in the quarantine and finds that the boy’s father has come to take him home, sick or not. He points a gun in her face and Burt comes around the corner and diffuses the situation, sending the boy home with his father. Cannerts looks on and lets them both pass.

Leo’s co-workers find a fire escape the police didn’t seal off and beg him to tell the public the whole story. One of them sniffles and he fears she’s sick. Jake meets Lex inside a shipping container and provides weapons and gear but no reinforcements. Together they learn Leo went public with news of the exit from the cordon.

Inside the cordon, Jake and his team of offices try to control an angry crowd advancing on the fire escape. One man makes it down the ladder and is killed by an officer inside the cordon who then quits. Jake returns to his gruesome job of disposing of bodies in the morgue. Katie finds him and learns about his second job. 

Teresa is still healthy. Leo’s friends are not. Katie and Jake manage to find a moment of happiness in the midst of the sorrow. Lex and Jana plan their future. Suddenly everyone’s internet connection and cell service is shut down. Lex learns that Lommers has shut all communication inside the cordon down to prevent Leo's story from disrupting anything else.

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Containment Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Dr. Cannerts, false optimism is not your strong suit.


Lex: I know I’m asking a lot…
Jake: No, no, you got the wrong guy.