A Personal Interest - Coroner
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Liam boxes with his vet buddy Mal at the gym.

Jenny leaves her therapy session early for work.

Brad Morton, lab assistant, is found dead in an overturned genetics lab. Brad 's mother has Huntington's Disease.

Dr. Sue Pham was his supervisor. Dr. Kam Bouden was her supervisor. They were experimenting with CRISPR technology to eradicate Lewy Body Dementia. LBD is what Jenny's father has.

Erika Mukherjee was bad mouthing Brad for getting her fired from the lab. She used her keycard to enter the building over the weekend. She was "babysitting" undergrads to make some money.

Erika Mukherjee lost her job at the lab because of Brad. She feels she was more qualified. She followed him and found out he was also working for the competing lab. Both labs want the patent first.

The other lab is called Agamede Canada. It's run by Dr. Sue Pham's twin sister Ambrosia. Ambrosia claims not to know who Brad is.

They were really studying Huntingtons Disease, which they both have. Sue's is more progressed. Ambrosia was impersinating Sue and expierementing on Brad. He found out what they were doing and she killed him.

Laim drives Gordon to EKG appointment. Ross tags along. They were going to go to the gym, but Mal texts he can't make it because he hurt his shoulder. Turns out he tried to kill himself. Liam finds him and calls an ambulance. He spars with Ross and hurts Ross's arm.

Jenny mentions the trial to Gordon, but then the lab is shut down for fraud.

River meets the new pathologist, Casey Winter.

McAvoy's sister is getting married and inquires about his plus-one.

McAvoy calls Noor with a phone he left in her bag.

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Coroner Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

McAvoy: I'm pretty sure this is how it all started, when the velociraptors seized control of the genetics lab. Jurassic Park?
Jenny: Huh? Yeah, I never saw it.

Dr Sharma: Stay with what you're feeling Jenny.
Jenny: Nothing.
Dr. Sharma: Stay with nothingness. Hold it. Examine it from all sides. What is nothing telling you?