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Jules wants Laurie and Travis to catch her and Grayson in the perfect couple kiss so that they will find out that they are together.  When they found out no one really cared and they realize that the only person who would care is Bobby.

Jules, Grayson, and Andy play a game to see who has to tell Bobby that their an item.  Jules thinks she is going to win until Grayson makes an unbelievable shot and beats her. She is the one who will have to tell Bobby about their relationship.

Jules pretends that she told Bobby and asks Grayson to help tell him in the morning together. Ellie comes over and puts together a techno mix of Grayson telling Jules that when you are in a relationship sometime you have to do things you don’t want to do.

Meanwhile, Travis doesn’t make a big deal about his seventh month anniversary with his girlfriend, Kylie, and she is furious with him. Laurie tries to help him realize what he is doing wrong, but nothing works – until Travis realizes he is the yes man.

Jules knows Bobby will try to run when they tell them that they are dating. But, before they can Bobby tells them how depressed he is about being everyone’s third wheel.  They can’t go through with it.

Grayson tells Jules that he has a plan – everyone is going to go to the beach just as friends. Once they all get there everything is going swimmingly until Bobby sees Grayson and Jules kiss.

Everyone leaves so that they can talk to Bobby.  He seems okay with it, but he’s in a whole and really cant go anywhere. Bobby tells them to take care of each other and Jules tells him that they want to take care of him.

The episode ends with Jules finally sleeping over Grayson’s house.

Cougar Town
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We got to get their attention - cough!


Not like that! You're not going off to war!