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Jules meets with her shrink and tells her about her relationship with Grayson.  Later that night, Grayson asks Jules for a day off and she thinks that its weird. So much so that she makes Grayson go with her to ask her shrink, Bonnie, and she agrees with Grayson.

Travis and Laurie make a bet who can stay up later.  Travis is having a hard time especially since everyone is taking siestas around him. Travis finally falls asleep and Laurie admits she cheated and she’ll miss him. He wakes up and tells her that she owes him the money.

Ellie wants Jules to realize that her life coach is kind of crazy and finally she does. When she confronts Bonnie, Bonnie tells her that she no longer wants to have her as a patient.

Jules misses Grayson, but pulls through and he shows up before the 24 hour are over because he misses Jules.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Plus, I get to lean on my Gracieship.


Travis: I don't get it how is that a drinking game?
Jules: We drink while we do it.