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After  driving her car into a pool while knee driving, holding a cell phone, and doing her lipstick, Jules decides she can change at her age.  Despite Ellie's advice, Jules tries to prove she can still change by giving up wine.  After being super productive during the week she gives it up, she loses all her friends when they have an intervention to get her drinking again.  Jules is just no fun without alchohol.   In the end, Jules pulls over to the side of the road to made a phone call, proving she can change.

A confident, forty year old wine sales rep, Sara (played by gorgeous 48 year old Sheryl Crow!) asks Grayson out on a date.  He gets scared off by her confident, real people conversations about life goals, etc, and she determines him to be boring.  Grayson goes back to his comfort zone of 20 year olds where they can talk about favorite numbers and colors, but soon realizes Sara ruined them for him.  In the end, an annoyed Grayson tells her off and it's the confidence she wanted out of him and the two kiss.

When Bobby gets a new horse, err dog, Andy gets threatened by their relationship.  Bobby tries to get the two to bond by sending Andy out to walk Travis (the dog is also named Travis), but Andy just ends up getting beat up by Trav.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Grayson: Oprah says talking on your cell while driving is crazy dangerous.
Travis: Does Oprah say anything about how lame it is for a grown ass man to watch Oprah?
Grayson: Nope, she loves us.

Laurie: She almost hit a cop.
Jules: It was a crossing guar. If it was a cop I would have slowed down when sure started chasing us.