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When Jules is showing a condo to a 28 year old female buyer, her inspiring words actually inspire Laurie to buy that condo.  After going over her finances with Andy, it's determined Laurie can afford the condo, she'll just need a co-signer because of her credit.  Coincidentally, Laurie's mom, Sheila (Beverly D'Angelo) shows up.  However, rather than helping her condo by co-signing, Sheila ends up just mooching off Laurie, who can't stand up to her.  Jules ends up telling Sheila off on Laurie's behalf, which upsets Laurie.  In the end, a jealous Sheila sees Jules hugging Laurie and is about to throw a rock through the office window when Bobby and Ellie end up fighting her.  Laurie comes outside and finally stands up to her mom.  Jules surprises Laurie by co-signing for the condo with her.

Meanwhile, Bobby wins $200 from a pool is about to pay off some of his tab to Grayson when he gets mugged by a woman.  Unembarrassed and unphased, Ellie decides to take Bobby down from his pedestal by scaring him with a little girl mugging him.  Bobby admits he's embarrassed, but Ellie is forced to admit they're friends when she both pulls a prank on him and gets his back during the fight with Sheila.

In teenage land, Travis ends up picking up a job as an errand boy for Barb after her latest dermatologist work renders her unable to leave the house.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Ellie: We are not friends, human beings cannot be friends with chimps
Bobby: Sure they can. My buddy Daryl was best friends with his chimp, Binky.
Jules: It's true. Until Binky turned six and then he get angry one day and ripped of Daryl's arm.
Bobby: They're still friends, they're just not best friends.

Bobby: What up reading glasses? What'd you get those for your 1000th birthday?
Ellie: You are the only one that finds my deteriorating eyesight amusing.