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Grayson and Jules are waking up in bed. They are now finally in love with each other. When they get downstairs, Laurie asks Jules at the perfect timing if she could spend a couple days over while her place gets repainted. Reluctantly, Jules says  yes.

Trav’s girlfriend tells him that she wants more romance in their relationship. Instead of going to Bobby, Trav goes to Grayson which makes Bobby jealous. \

All the guys end up giving Trav suggestions. Bobby tells him to write songs that include Kirsten’s name. Travis is uninterested in any of his ideas and asks Grayson to text him some lovey dovey stuff.

After only one day, Jules is already fed up with Laurie staying there. She tells Laurie that she will get her a room at a hotel for her, but Laurie tells her that she just made up the whole house painting story.  Jules is furious and blows up on Laurie telling her that she is the most annoying thing to step foot into her life. Laurie tell her she only did it because she has felt boxed out and wanted to spend more quality time with her.

Ellie is having a secret relationship with the snobby wine guy until he says a couple rude comments about Jules. Ellie puts him in his place.

Bobby gets his boat all decked for Travis and Kirsten. Trav is super impressed and Bobby thanks Grayson for letting him take credit for the idea.

The episode ends with the whole group drinking wine at the wine bar as Wayne waits on them.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Trav: Guys! Can I ask you a relationship question?
Jules: No one will ever love you as much as I do.

(to Jules) I'm feeling good about Jayson. It's Grayson and Jules. I combined our names like the way they do with celebrity couples.