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Laurie isn’t sure if she wants to come over, but Jules calls her friendship into question so she applies.

Jules runs into Barb who naturally starts to tell her about her random night with two young boys.  Jules tries to tell her that that’s not who she is anymore.  

The gang are playing penny can and make fun of Andy for not being able to get it in.

Jules decides that she wants the group to play a weird version of hide and go seek - sardines in a can. Laurie tries to go against it, but then complies and goes to hide.

In her hiding spot, Laurie calls Jules and tells her off. Naturally, this infuriates Jules.  Jules tries to get Trav to relate, but he won’t start talking crap about her.

Andy is angry at Grayson for making fun of him for playing penny can, but Grayson can’t understand because everyone was. He tries to talk to Andy, but Andy wont budge.

Laurie and Bobby are partnered up and while looking for Ellie, they stumble upon the steak and champagne that Grayson planned for him and Jules. During their feast, Laurie questions Bobby why he’s keeping his new girlfriend a secret from the group.

Ellie tells Grayson the reason why Andy is mad at him is because he reminds Andy of the punks that used to pick on him in school. Grayson finds Andy right where he left him - tied to a tree. He apologizes and they make up.

Jules ends up being the last person looking and begs everyone to come out. She puts Ellie through the friend test and Ellie pops up with the rest of the gang following.

Jules apologizes to everyone for being a dictator, but Ellie tells her that she was wrong. Jules is the perfect leader and brings everyone together.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Jules: Ellie, friend test.
Ellie: Fine, I'll come.
Bobby: Friend test?
Jules: Yeah. It's when you call your entire friendship into question and force them into doing something. I came up with it.
Trav: Sounds like you.

(to Ellie) It's daylight. Why aren't you over at my house yet.