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Grayson informs Jules that she hugs weird meanwhile, Andy’s phone goes missing. He is not worried because he is super optimistic that everything will always work out.

This infuriates Laurie and she vows to beat the optimism out of him. Ellie agrees to help.

Bobby comes over Jule’s and asks the group if they can understand him. Everyone tells him that they’ve never been able to understand him.  He leaves upset and hurt.

Jules and Grayson run into his ex in the grocery store which leads to Jules telling Grayson that she loves him. Awkwardly Grayson doesn’t say it back.

Jules decides to concoct a romantic Thanksgiving in order to lure Grayson into telling her that he loves her. But, she forgets he’s allergic to shellfish and makes him taste her oyster stuffing.

He leaves frantic and ends up throwing up all night. Jules calls off the romantic Thanksgiving.  Everyone changes back into normal clothing.

Andy searches for his ring outside and runs into Jules leaving to confront Grayson if he loved her. Andy realizes that he’s supposed to be there to stop her from doing something stupid and also finds his ring on the ground.

Jules goes back inside and they are all about to chow down. Grayson comes running in to tell her that he’s so lucky to have her and grateful that she’s not pressuring him into saying I love you back.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Everything goes my way. You know why? Because it will.


Grayson: Jules.
Jules: I can't help it. It's like a sofa.