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Annie plans a vacation to Stockholm, but after Danielle realizes her husband has been cheating, she joins her sister in Sweden.  Auggie calls Annie for a mission while she's on vacation and Danielle gets mixed up in it.  


A dangerous man kills the guy Annie is supposed to meet, and runs into Danielle thinking she was Annie.  The women then have to run in order to escape Sweden alive.  They call upon Danielle's childhood friend Magnus, and head to his house in the country.  The man finds them there, but Annie kills him with a gun, marking her first kill.


Meanwhile, Auggie finds out he is not a candidate for stem cell therapy to get his sight back.  When Annie returns she attempts to express feelings for him, but he is only concerned with going to see Parker.


Also, everyone thinks Jai is going to turn on Arthur in order to get ahead.  He ends up turning on his father, who was involved in a scandal.  When thanked by Arthur, Jai reveals that he only did it to get further ahead and take over Joan's job.

Covert Affairs
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