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Helen shows up at Auggie's place to tell him she has always loved him and that Annie is still alive. Auggie asks her to follow Calder to find Annie, because he wants to talk to her. She loses Calder the first time and he thought it was Henry. Helen and Auggie end up sleeping together after Calder told Auggie that Annie didn't want to see him. Though,  Annie did follow him. She sat on the bus next to him, but didn't say anything.

Calder and Annie worked leads from separate angles, which led them to Henry's cabin. Calder attempted a raid, but the cabin blew up. Henry confronted him about it and Calder said that Jessica Matthews led him there. Henry was suspicious until he found video proof she was there. Henry uses camera footage to find Annie's bike and went to the bus station.

He followed Annie, but missed her and caught Helen coming from behind. He knows she's working for the Campbells and then mistakes her for Jessica Matthews. Before she can get out the evidence against him, he shoots her.

Meanwhile, Auggie and Calder find the key to breaking Henry's coded messages -- a French bible. They find the proof that Henry provided the funding to bring down the helicopter. And, they have Nelson Smith, Henry's money man.

The Campbells still don't know that Annie is alive. Arthur's trial date is set and they decide to give full depositions to try and clear him.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Ghosts are supposed to be invisible.


You know I saw the look in his eye. It's not a question of if he finds you, it's a question of when.