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Vicious and his guards enter Cherious Medical where they force a technician to release the best hitman in the solar system, Pierrot LeFou.

Many dogs that look like Ein are also in the lab. The tech tells them LeFou hates dogs. Vicious kills the tech because LeFou hates her too. In return, Vicious asks LeFou to kill Spike.

Jet forces the team to go bowling as a bonding exercise. Spike and Jet present Faye with a birthday cake because they've decided today is her new birthday.

As they're leaving, LeFou attacks. He nearly kills Spike but Ein starts barking and LeFou becomes catatonic.

On the Bebop, they fix Spike up.

Jet meets with Woodcock to ask about LeFou. She informs him that he's a phantom. She also did a search on Spike and reports that he's just as much a ghost.

Spike and Jet share a drink

LeFou finds his way to an abandoned amusement park called Earthland. He remembers that he can neural link to dogs like Ein. He establishes the connection to send a threatening message to Spike.

Jet asks Spike about his past, assuming he's a black ops military man. Spike doesn't want to talk about it.

As they prepare to go to Earthland, Faye points out the dog might be a danger. They abandon Ein on the docks before they leave.

Santiago meets with Vicious for a final planning session.

Jet has a plan that he goes through with Spike and Faye.

Vicious is brought, bound and gagged, before The Elders to face the accusation of treason. Mao executes him but the head reverts to Santiago's and it's reveal that facechangers were used to turn Santiago to Vicious and vice versa.

Vicious kills them all, finding out from Mao at the end, that Julia wanted him dead.

Spike leaves on his ship but send a virus to lock up the Bebop's system so Jet can't follow him.

Spike fight LeFou and defeats him but Earthland gets blown up.

Vicious returns home and drops Mao's head into the fire.


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Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Technician: He's a violent, homicidal loose cannon.
Vicious: Well then, he sounds like my kind of guy.

Faye: I don't even know when my birthday is.
Spike: Yeah, that's why we decided to make today your new birthday.
Faye: Wow. You two are the sweetest dickheads a girl could ever want.