Fearsome Threesome and a Dog - Cowboy Bebop
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Faye's selling Spike on the idea of orgasms curing life's woes. Someone steps into her light and she looks up and finds Whitney, her fake mother con-artist standing there. She wants Faye to get her to Santo in exchange for her identikit.

Whitney charms Spike and Jet and they agree to take her to Santo City.

Julia bursts into Ana's office, demanding to know if Fearless is actually alive.

Jet starts to suspect Whitney isn't really Faye's mother.

Gren warns Julia she'll never be safe from Vicious while he's alive.

Jet scans Whitney's face and pulls up her bounty list. They confront Faye and she explains the situation. Suddenly their comms are pirated and The Iron Mink holo boards their ship looking for Whitney.

Jet plans to turn Whitney in for her bounty. In Santo City, they realize The Iron Mink is tracking her with a ring he gave her.

Vicious sits down with Santiago and Mao and they strike a deal.

Spike and Jet get stuck in traffic on a bus. Faye and Whitney scam a car to get to Whitney's storage where she has Faye's identikit.

Julia goes to see Mao. She wants Mao to kill Vicious.

Jet finds a place to watch Kimmie's recital from, leaving Spike to fend off The Iron Mink's goons.

Faye and Whitney get to the storage locker. Faye finds a video tape in her identikit.

The recital ends. Jet is on better terms with Chalmers and his ex-wife.

The Iron Mink arrives at the storage locker. Faye steps up to protect Whitney. As the moment becomes increasingly tense, Whitney says "saddle stitch" and the Iron Mink kills his henchman for hearing the safe word. He and Whitney play these games to keep the relationship hot.

As Whitney and the Iron Mink leave, Faye steals a small aircraft and flies away.

On the Bebop, they watched a video of child Faye.


Cowboy Bebop
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Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Faye: You know what I've come to realize flipping through all of the fine literature?
Spike: Don't care.
Faye: I've been spending way too much time limiting myself. Life's a buffet.
Spike: I thought it was a dinner party.
Faye: Yeah, whatever it is, I'm ready to eat.

Spike: I've got a soft spot for mommies.
Jet: You're a sick man, Spike Spiegel.
Spike: Don't be lewd. I'm talking about mothers.Motherhood. It's a lovely calling. Mommies make the pain go away.
Jet: I bet.