Back in Uniform - Coyote Season 1 Episode 5
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Val calls to pressure Ben about finishing the cabin. El Catrin drops by. He explains how he had to drop out of college in the States to return home and take over the family business. He warns Ben that his violent brother Mazo, the Juan Doe that Ben broke out of detention, has taken an interest in Ben.  He explains he broke out Mazo so no one would find out who he was. El Catrin gives Ben back his gun for protection. Ben throws it in the ocean. Garrett stops by but Ben isn't happy to see him. Garrett tells him about the two ICE agents being beheaded. Garrett wants to know what's going on with Ben. Garrett also mentions the two sicarias found in the desert right near where he picked up Ben and Maria. He asks if Ben is in trouble. Ben asks Garrett who sent him. Garrett slips and reveals that he and Katie are together. Mazo drops in unexpectedly. Garrett won't take Ben's hint and leave. After that, Mazo won't let him go and keeps insulting him and making him drink. They all go fishing. A bored Mazo tries fishing with a hand grenade. Ben tells Mazo that Garrett is his daughter's boyfriend. Drunken Ben swaps childhood stories with Mazo after Garrett defies Mazo and goes to eat some fish. Ben recalls the car he wrecked while Mazo remembers the horse he lost to his brother. Garrett passes out. Mazo wants to run guns. Javy was supposed to supply him guns but didn't. He expects Ben to replace those weapons. He tells Ben not to trust El Catrin. When he wakes up, Garrett informs Ben he's the subject of an active HSI investigation. Garrett leaves Holly's card for Ben. 

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Coyote Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Garrett: Clemens, he's swimming back to Mexico. Let him go.
Ben: None of these fuckers can swim.

As long as you're working with me, your sole job is to make my life easier.

Ben [to Garrett]