Cartel Brain Trust  - Coyote Season 1 Episode 6
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Ben shows up at the Zamora ranch. He's seeking permission from El Catrin to go back to San Diego, in order to track down the guns Mazo wants. But Mazo warns him not to mention guns to El Catrin. So instead Ben asks permission to go back to be with Jill and Katie now that Frank is missing. He wants to take Frank's body with him. El Catrin gives Ben permission to go without Frank. He introduces Ben to his family, including his cousin Silvia. Ben argues with Silvia then returns home. Jill tells him that he doesn't have to stay. El Catrin quizzes Mazo about what he was doing that he ended up at the detention center. Ben helps Val with a yard sale. Things she tells him about Javy's activities helps him figure out what his ex-partner was doing. El Catrin gives Dante a seat at the leadership table as Jefe de Plaza of Puerto Libre. Dante's promotion causes Mazo to stew. Still, he toasts Dante. Ben returns to Javy's garage to look for clues. Sultan is tailing him and reports to Dante. A map Ben found leads him to a junkyard. He finds the entrance to a tunnel under an old bus. He follows it to a locked door and a body wrapped in plastic. Sultan meets him topside. Ben explains to Dante that Javy was supposed to deliver guns to Mazo. Ben gets arrested at the CPB office when he returned equipment that Javy had. Dante confronts Mazo about the guns. Dante tells him to inform El Catrin what he's doing or he will. Holly interrogates Ben. One of the men Ben killed was her informant. Ben tells her everything and offers to become her mole in the cartel. They agree on witness protection for Ben's family.

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Coyote Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Diego: Can we trust them not to flip?
Alvaro: If they're dead, yeah.

Fucking American kids. Begging in the street for candy.

Mazo [to Dante]