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Rebecca and Paula decide to learn how to skateboard in an attempt to hang out with Josh Chan, but he fails to show up at the skate park. Rebecca gets a phone call from her mother to rub it in her face that her former co-worker not only took the promotion Rebecca turned down, but that she's also getting married.

This prompts Rebecca to decide to have a random hook-up. Heather helps her set up Tinder, and they go to a club to meet the guy. Rebecca immediately brings him home and tries her hardest to have sex with him, but lets her fears of STD's and possible murderers thwart their encounter.

Rebecca sees another ad for butter, this one asking, “Are you making healthy choices?” Rebecca decides to take charge of what she believes, what she eats, and how she behaves and vows to make healthier decisions. One of those healthy decisions is to let go of Josh Chan, and try going on a real date with Greg. 

Greg and Rebecca's date is magical. They bond over their mutual love of fires, tacos, and presidents of the United States. Everything seems to be mature and fun and wonderful. Rebecca is even comfortable enough to talk to Greg about her father. 

However, Rebecca lets fear take over, and rather than continuing to get close to Greg, she sabotages the evening by taking home a hipster and having sex with him. 

Greg catches her in the act, and confronts her about her completely messed up behavior. Rebecca is remorseful and sad, and tries to tell Greg that he can do better than her because she's messed up. Greg is disappointed because he sees what a relationship with Rebecca could have been. 

Elsewhere, Josh Chan needs a job. He does his best to lock up a position at his dream location, Aloha Tech, a company that sells technology with a Hawaiian touch. When he has to fill out an essay as part of his application, he goes to Rebecca for help. Her essay ends up making Josh seems too overqualified and they turn him down. 

Rebecca takes Josh back to Aloha Tech and demands that they hire him. After giving an impassioned speech about Josh and her own screwed up situation, Josh lands the job. He tells Rebecca that he is happy that she's moved to West Covina. 

Heather continues to study Rebecca for her psych class, but after watching Rebecca completely screw up her life, she decides that what Rebecca really needs isn't an observer, but a friend. 



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Rebecca: The new me is making healthier choices.
Greg: You sound like that weird butter commercial.

Are you making healthy choices?

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