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Rebecca and Josh are back together and more snuggly than ever before. They hate to leave their love bubble, but Rebecca needs to get back to work - at least to find out why Darryl won't stop calling her.

Darryl sells part of the law firm to Nathaniel, a young lawyer whose family legacy is on the line with the acquisition of Whitefeather and Associates. Nathaniel wants to prove something to his father, and he intends to shape up the firm in order to do so.

When Nathaniel confesses to Rebecca that he intends to fire many staff members, including Paula, Rebecca insists that she can find enough money in the budget with new business to keep them on the payroll. Nathaniel accepts her challenge.

Rebecca wants to spend time with Josh, but struggles to find spare moments while also trying to save her friends' jobs. 

Rebecca thinks that Nathaniel might be romantically interested in her when he sends her a gift after she lands a huge account. She realizes that she is wrong when his model girlfriend appears at the office to take him to dinner. But when Rebecca goes home to Josh, it's clear that Nathaniel is still on her mind.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Rebecca: You know Nathaniel, I used to be like you – ruthless. But then one day I was crying a lot and I decided to flip things around. I decided to put happiness before success. And when I did that the world rewarded me with true happiness. It rewarded me with a man who is strong and sweet and confident and inspires me everyday.
Nathaniel: Oh, you're dating another guy? Not the human flip flop that was in the office before?
Rebecca: No, that's him.

Tim: Do we really need a new guy this far into the season? And by far into the season, I mean it's almost fall!
Ensemble: Who's the new guy? I don't trust him.
Maya: He's suspiciously good-looking in ways that normal people are not.
Karen: Is this some sort of desperate move to help our ratings?
Ensemble: You mean our terrible ratings on legalscores.com?