Girl Group - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 6
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Rebecca thinks it's amazing that she, Valencia, and Heather have formed a 'squad.' They even have the perfect selfie pose and their own hashtag.

But when Darryl points out that Paula may be feeling left out, Rebecca immediately goes into over-compensation mode, doing everything in her power to make sure that Paula feel included - not realizing that Paula wasn't feeling left out at all.

Paula's growing friendship with Sunil has all but replaced her time with Rebecca. They simply don't have time for each other anymore, and they can't communicate the way that they used to.

Darryl, who is hurt that he never gets invited to join plans with Rebecca and Paula, spends a night at the office mulling in sadness with Maya, a young paralegal who reminds Darryl of himself. They bond over their eagerness to be a part of a friend group, and end up forming their own - complete with an awesome viral dance.

Trent returns to West Covina with big plans to inchilltrate Josh Chan's friend group. When his plan doesn't really go anywhere, he ends up back at Rebecca's house, confessing his love to her, and literally sweeping her off her feet. But is it enough to convince her to let him stay?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm just in town to infiltrate - or should I say 'inCHILLtrate?' - a certain bro friend group. It's Part 1 of a 42 point plan that I call, 'The Bunch Inception,' and it starts with me getting in with this group of dudes.


I've had the best time hanging out with the both of you. I think it's official that we're a squad.