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Rebecca and Paula are drifting further and further from one another as Paula begins her law school journey.

Paula makes a new friend, Sunil, who is a recent widower and a father to two children. He and Paula immediately connect over their similar life circumstances. Paula even confesses her abortion to Sunil, something she has yet to do with Rebecca.

As Paula is getting close with a new bestie, Rebecca kidnaps Valencia for a weekend of self-discovery and bonding. Rebecca thinks that if she can get Valencia alone, they can form a friendship based on their mutual distaste for Josh Chan.

Josh is afraid to be alone with his thoughts. He's spent so much time with distractions that when the time comes for him to face himself, he finds it quite challenging. 

Josh meets Anna, a young girl who seems impressed with him almost immediately.

White Josh and Darryl face their first problems as a couple; Darryl is worried that he's another cookie cutter boyfriend in White Josh's older-man fetish. White Josh is insecure about being Darryl's mid-life crisis, and wonders why he hasn't yet met Darryl's daughter, Madison. They reach a new understanding about what they mean to one another. 


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Sunil: Kids. So selfish, am I right? My daughters are also self-involved. They're only three and want to talk about are Pegasuses like, all day.
Paula: Oh, that's not my daughter, that's my best friend.
Sunil: Sorry. Wait, really? She just had that 'me me me me' vibe.

I get it; I'm Barb, she's Nancy. I tell myself that she's fragile, but you know, I just had an abortion dammit! It would have been nice to talk to my best friend about it. I'm so sorry, I should not have blurted that out.