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Rebecca and Nathaniel's relationship is getting serious, with him referring to her as a girlfriend.She is worried that she is slipping into old patterns. In therapy she is told not to worry too much about it but things get worse when Rebecca starts to meddle in Nathaniel's family life.

Nathaniel shares with Rebecca that he isn't close with his dad but wishes he was. She tries to run into his fatehr with George on accident but ends up following him and thinking he has a secret family.

Rebecca thinks she is going to introduce Nathaniel to his long lost sister but it turns out to be someone else. He forgives her but she starts to worry again that she is doing the same thing that she did with Josh. In the end Rebecca goes to Nathaniel and says she needs to do something that she hasn't done before.

Josh struggles leaving his house until his mom tells him to leave. He realizes that Rebecca made his life better by thinking more of him. He visits her to say thanks. 

Paula helps Darryl with the search for a good donor by using her old skills. She tracks down her first and only choice because she stopped donating but it turns out the donor isn't as great as she seemed. She blackmails Paula but her egg and Darryl's sperm doesn't take so they don't have to worry about her.

It is then that Paula realizes how expensive it is for Darryl to try to make a baby and that he can only afford it once a year. He sells everything in his office that reminds him of his heritage because he just can't wait for a baby. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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