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Paula is so stressed out that she looks horrible to everyone around her, with everyone worried about her health. She blows it off, thinking it is something small and tries to take pills to get rid of it. She continues to ignore her symptoms until Ms. G mentions menopause. Paula thinks it can wait until Scott makes her go to the hospital where she gets told it is a heart attack.

Paula is told she has to take better care of herself, including changing certain things like her diet to incorporate food like a salad to not risk another clog. 

Meanwhile, Rebecca is warned that she needs to continue to think about her mental health. She ignores advice about medication, which ends up a mistake when she blows up on Greg at Raging Waters. She isn't happy that he isn't doing what she wants, even if he may not want to.

He decides to give her space, which she takes to mean a wild night where she tries to sleep with both her exes. They turn her down and she hits a possible rock bottom.

From there and with the help of Paula, she finally faces that she might need medication if that is what her therapist is advising. SHe makes her mental health an actual priority after she apologizes to Greg. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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