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Rossi and Hayden are seeing each other again.

JJ arrives at Hotch's house with her son Henry. A SWAT team barges in and arrests Hotch.

Hotch is transferred to the Department of Justice. Agent Ritchie plays the recording of a 911 call, in which Hotch says "today will change everything." Ritchie says the call was traced to Hotch's cell phone, and voice recognition says it's him.

Ritchie alleges that Hotch also purchased ingredients to make a bomb. He shows Hotch the receipts, along with a picture of his driver's license. Ritchie reveals they've been watching Hotch for weeks.

Reid suggests that the recording of the 911 call was manufactured by splicing bits of different pieces of audio footage of Hotch speaking to the press.

Garcia recites different applications that can be used to splice audio, including one called "The Storm."  The team realizes that Antonia Slade used that phrase in her warning to Hotch.

JJ visits Antonia in prison.

JJ tells her that because her son framed Hotch and manipulated the SWAT team, there's a shoot-first order out on the apprehension of her son.  Antonia demands that her son be taken into custody alive.  JJ refuses to promise that unless Antonia gives her his name.

Antonia's son is Asher Douglas.

Ritchie tells Hotch that the person who tipped them off about him was Peter Lewis, a.k.a. "Mr. Scratch."

Rossi and Reid arrest Asher Douglas, and discover he's autistic.

Ritchie asks Hotch why he didn't include the account of his being dosed with a drug by Mr. Scratch, a drug that caused psychotic breaks with Scratch's other victims, In his Bureau psychological evaluation. Hotch says nothing.

Reid theorizes that Asher has been manipulated, just as the BAU has been.

Reid convinces Douglas to reveal the name of his partner, who is Eric Rawdon. Rawdon is in jail for criminal conspiracy, which he committed with several anarchists.

Garcia hunts down the origins of his emails to Douglas, and discovers that they were sent from various I.P. addresses around the area, so it wasn't done from prison.

The team theorizes that someone else has taken over Rawdon's email account, and is planning a prison escape. 

In a prison, a bunch of prisoners escape from their cells. The guard runs to the control room, only to find no one there. He places a radio call for help, turns around and is shot dead.

Rossi, JJ, Reid and Lewis rush to the prison.

The team theorizes that this is why Hotch was framed: so that the team would be diverted away from the prison escape.

The team rushes into the prison with SWAT. JJ discovers a tunnel in one of the cells.

They capture the prisoners at the end of the tunnel.

The rest of the SWAT moves into an area, leaving Lewis behind.

The SWAT captain and his men goes into a control room, and see two prisoners guarding the guards who are sitting on the floor. The prisoners turn around and the SWAT team kills them.

The captain asks one of the guards if he's okay, and he says he is. The captain notices a swastika tattoo on the guard's wrist, and realizes he's actually a prisoner in guard's clothing.

He shouts to his team mates that it's a trip. The prisoner shoots him dead.

Lewis tries to raise the captain on the radio. She speaks to one of the prisoners and discovers she's in the serial killer wing of the prison.

One of the prisoners in the control room presses a button, releasing all of the serial killers at Lewis.

One of the prisoners rushes at Lewis. She shoots him in the leg. She calls Reid and JJ for backup.

Hotch and a SWAT team comes to Lewis' rescue. They shoot a couple of prisoners who attempt to rush them.

Reid, JJ and a SWAT member encounter another SWAT group. The other group suddenly fires on them, putting the SWAT guy down. It's more prisoners, this time dressed as police. JJ and Reid return fire.

Hotch comes up to the prisoners from behind. He shoots one and demands to know where the bomb is. The prisoner says he'll never stop it in time.

Hotch questions him further, and then theorizes that the bomb is at a safe house for fundamentalist groups.  It's known as "The Ivory Tower."

Hotch alerts SWAT about the bomb and its location.

Anarchists are putting the final touches to a bomb. A helicopter lands, and they get on it with the bomb.

The BAU and SWAT show up. A gunfight ensues, with many of the anarchists being shot.

The helicopter takes off with the bomb aboard. The team shoots at it, and it finally explodes.

Rossi talks Hayden out of leaving. Instead he invites her to meet his team.

The team (plus Hayden) have a dinner party.

The team gets word of multiple prison breaks. While many of the prisoners were killed or captured, thirteen serial killers escaped, including Mr. Scratch. Scratch was part of the plan all along.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 22 Quotes

Agent Ritchie: Who's Eric Rawdon?
Hotch: He's behind this.
Agent Ritchie: Maybe he's your partner.
Hotch: If that were true, you'd have evidence.
Agent Ritchie: I do. The storage locker, your name, the supplies...
Hotch: You're grasping. And I'll tell you why. You need me here as cover for missing a major terrorist incident.
Agent Ritchie: It's a prison break.
Hotch: Not to Rawdon. His dream has always been to set off a bomb In a major metropolitan area. Not for any political or ideological reason. He just wants to see a city burn. And you're letting it happen.
Agent Ritchie: Now you're grasping.
Hotch: Am I? Ask yourself one question. Am I more helpful here, mentally preparing the report to the sub-committee that's going to haul you in? Or out there, catching Rowdon?

Rossi: Do me just one favor. Before you make any decision, meet my team. They're the only family I have outside of you and Joy. I walked away thirty years ago. I'm not walking away this time. Please. Stay.
Hayden: One one condition. That we call our daughter back, together.