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Brian Phillips staggers out of the Sonora Desert in Arizona, and the local police decide to call in the FBI after finding the initials "BAU" carved into his stomach.  New Agent Luke Alvez, a tracker, helps the BAU to bring in the eighth serial killer from the escaped 13, and joins the unit to catch fugitive Daniel Cullen, also known as the Crimson King, whom he had previously put in prison and who had killed his partner and who broke out with the killers.  Missing Derek,Garcia isn't warm toward the new guy. Hotch and Tara decide that they're dealing with a copycat, and call in the whole team. Tara helps Brian piece together his abduction. The team soon determines they're being baited by Peter Lewis, also known as Mr. Scratch, the leader of the prison break. Lewis' copycat, who thinks he is the Crimson King, is targeting people with dissociative-identity disorders. Hotch and Alvez discuss their deep, dark secrets. Following a post-hypnotic suggestion, Brian, who is actually the copycat, kills a guard after seeing a list of names of others with the same disorder as him, and takes the information to Lewis. While the BAU is trying to track him down, Lewis presents Brian with a tied-up Daniel. After the team gets Lewis' address from his fake driver's license, they race to stop Brian. Tara and J.J. talk him down with anecdotes from his past, and they walk him out past a lot of unhappy police. Luke confronts his target Daniel, who remembers nothing about his crime. And Mr. Scratch gets away, to plot again..

Criminal Minds
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