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Two cars have been hacked and ran down pedestrians in Florida. Since computers are involved, Rossi asks Garcia to join the agents in the field. Prentiss wants an old friend, Fiona Duncan, to be Reid's defense attorney. Garcia points out that the unsub is watching through traffic cameras. Lewis leads one driver through a cognitive evaluation. All the electrical systems in her car malfunctioned, and the car followed its own route. Fiona presses Reid hard to get him to remember more details. A third car is taken over and runs down another pedestrian. This time, the unsub watched through the dash cam and targeted a particular victim. The prosecution offers Reid a sentence of two to five years. The Mexican police found the knife that is the murder weapon and it has Reid's blood and prints on it. The unsub takes over another car and mows down another dark-haired woman.The offer to Reid is now five to ten years. Garcia and Alvez use a dating web site to locate Jonathan Rhodes, the unsub, but not before he abducts Alyssa Miles. Garcia and Alvexz are pursuing Rhodes' car, which he has taken over. Garcia overrides the car's controls before it crashes, and Alvez arrests Rhodes while Garcia frees Miles. The whole BAU makes it to Reid's arraignment. Reid pleads not guilty. Bail is denied, so Reid goes back to prison until trial.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 14 Quotes

Lewis: An unsub turning cars in murder weapons. That's terrifying.
Alvez: It could be a whole new frontier for serial killers.

Garcia: Our sweet, sweet boy wonder!
Rossi: He's strong. He's going to be OK.