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A hunter lining up a shot on a deer is himself shot. Alvez finds Garcia crying. She tells him Reid was hurt, but that Reid didn't want anyone told about it. The BAU got called in for two unsubs with different M.O.s in Burlington, Vt., one shooting and one stabbing victims. All three hunters shot were poachers. The latest stabbing victims was stabbed once through the heart, like the hunters were shot. Alvez visits with Shaw. Alvez tells Shaw that he turned himself in because he felt guilty for having killed his pregnant C.I. He also tells Shaw to keep Reid safe or he would get Shaw's son taken away from him. The DNA matches for the same unsub, Trey Gordon, killing the hunters and doing the recent most stabbing.  Next Gordon stabs a couple. Gordon is shooting during the day and sleepwalking and stabbing at night. Gordon's latest victim struggles, grabbing his rifle and shooting, waking up Gordon, who runs off. Gordon finds all his bloody clothes in his trash, then burns them. He tries to reach his psychologist by phone, but is turned away. Gordon locks away his weapons and locks himself in. Fiona tells Reid that Alvez said for Reid to stick close to Shaw. But Reid is determined to protect Luis as well. Garcia discovers all the houses where the stabbings happened used to be drug dens. The BAU figures out that the house where Gordon was once molested is his next target. The team gets there in time, and Walker fires a shot to wake him up. Luis gets killed right in front of Reid.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 17 Quotes

Life, of course, never gets anyone's entire attention. Death always remains interesting. -- Janet Malcolm


Alvez: We will keep Reid safe. We will find a way to get him through this.
Garcia: That's what I told him. But he looked at me like he didn't believe it.