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Reid's fellow prisoner Luis has gotten beat up. JJ comes to visit Reid. The rest are on a case in New York City, tracking a unsub dubbed the Bone Crusher, who has killed three women in their 20s. He's also started holding and torturing his victims longer. A woman, Miranda White, comes to the police, claiming her son Danny is the unsub. Alves and Rossi go with Miranda to check out her claims. She unveils an entire wall of broken-bone artwork. They have Miranda go through Danny's history. She recalled falling off a ladder, and thought that maybe Danny had pushed her. Rossi and Alves check the family's old apartment, finding a woman locked up in a room. Reid wants to intercede when Luis is being harassed, but Calvin stops him. Miranda describes Danny to Alves as socially awkward. Danny was stalking a woman at a bar, then his photo came up on TV and he left. But he still attacks her and her friend when they left the bar, abducting her. Shaw warns Reid that he has to learn that normal rules don't apply in prison. Garcia and JJ look for other women who may have been victims, and they come up with Nancy Santiago, who was Danny's first victim. Miranda disappears, but Alves tracks her to her home. All the victims have ecstasy in their blood, and Miranda admits that she gave some to Danny, to help him open up. The team goes to check out the building where Danny found Santiago. Danny is there with his latest victim. Surrounded, he jumps to his death. Reid gets beaten in his cell. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 16 Quotes

To go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other. -- Martin Luther


Last time I saw you, I promised that you wouldn't be alone. I'm doing that the best way I can.

JJ [to Reid]